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The Berkshire Volunteer Fire Department


The Berkshire Fire Company is a group of volunteers who provide the labor for firefighting in the district. The fire company is made up of volunteers and is separate from the fire commissioners. The company is a not-for-profit corporation (501c3). They elect their own directors and run their own activities (fundraisers etc.) apart from the district.

In Berkshire, there is a Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, and 3 line officers. Fire Chiefs and line officers are elected by the Fire Company and approved by the Commissioners.

Fire Chief Duties include:

  • Filing reports with state and local agencies as needed.

  • Making sure all firemen are qualified for the jobs they perform.

  • Making sure all equipment is up to standards and working.

  • Making sure all operating procedures are correct and enforced.

  • Is responsible for all activities at a fire or emergency scene

  • Any other duties required

Assistant Chiefs assists the Chief in all of the above duties


Line Officers work with the Chiefs to help cover the above.

About the Fire Department

The Berkshire Fire Department was formed in 1913 and our motto is, “Always Ready.” We provide fire protection and basic medical services to the residents of the Fire District of Berkshire, New York in Tioga County. Our district covers many square miles, most of which are rural. The Department also provides mutual aid to additional departments as and when requested.


In addition to Fire and Medical, the Fire Department also has an Auxiliary branch and Fire Police detail. Fire police will respond to every call to ensure the safety of our accident scene. Fire Police also assist at parades and mutual aid calls as requested. The Auxiliary is also an integral part of the company and provides support services to firefighters on accident scenes, fundraising, and service to our Department in many ways. The Fire Company, Fire Police, and Auxiliary operate under directives from the Fire Chief.


Berkshire Fire Department responds to roughly 200 calls per year in addition to serving the community in other ways, such as barbeques, pancake breakfasts, blood drives, fundraisers, staffing for community functions, and a Christmas party for children of our community. The Berkshire Fire Department also hosts many other community outreach programs and events.

Fire Chief

Mike W. Simmons

(607) 341-5322

1st Assistant

Jeff Brown

2nd Assistant

David Mincher


Sam Umiker



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