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Berkshire Fire District




  • William “Jim” Simmons, 326 Jewett Hill Rd., Berkshire NY, 607-657-8220


  • Melinda Russell


  • Delbert Armstrong

  • Raymond “Butch “ Ceurter

  • Michael S. Simmons

  • Trudy Bently

The Fire District is a municipal entity with defined boundaries (same as the Town Board or school District etc.) Fire commissioners are elected by the qualified voters of the district.


Board of Fire Commissioners

      5 members each elected for 5-year term   (1 each year)

      Treasurer is elected for 3 years (no voting power) (paid position)

      Secretary Appointed each year by the Commissioners (no voting power)

      (paid position)


Fire Commissioners' duties are to provide Fire protection in the fire district.

  • Prepare annual budget

  •  Provide policies and procedures for the operation of Fire protection.

  • Approve spending and provide guidelines for spending.

  •  Provide a safe workplace for fire protection (proper equipment, training, etc.)


Fire Commissioners have no authority outside of the boardroom. They can only make decisions as a board.

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